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Primal Reflex Release Technique


In today’s noisy and hectic world, our bodies have become hyper-stimulated. As a result, multiple areas of the body respond involuntarily to stress stimuli-without us even being aware of it. This phenomenon is called the Startle Stress Reflex (SSR), is a conditioned reflex. There is evidence of this reflex present in Gulf War veterans and women who have been assaulted. With everyday conditioning by SSR in our daily hyper-stimulated lives, the protective reflexes have the potential for the pain a patient feels.

During our exam, we lightly touch about a dozen areas that cause the patient to jump or pull away. These areas have protective reflexes, and the goal of PRRT is to return them to their normal state. With our rapid resets of the hyper-stimulated areas, most patients report a 50 percent decrease in pain after just one visit and a similar improvement in ease of motion. Their smiles light up the room and they are astonished by their newfound joy of movement. Drug-free pain relief can be a reality with PRRT!

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