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The ATM-2 allows patients to be in functional weight-bearing positions without feeling any pain. Specific resistive exercises are performed which reset the central nervous muscle
Back On Track Physical Therapy is proud to announce that our clinics are now offering BFR! Blood flow restriction training involves decreasing venous blood flow
Our clinics are proud Preferred Providers of Graston Technique® Therapy. GT effectively treats ALL soft tissue conditions including chronic, acute, or post-surgical. Through this treatment
Created and developed by Hugh Gilbert, KCR is the proven gold standard protocol in health care today. By following this protocol you can bring the body back into balance.
Low-Level Laser Therapy also is known as Cold Laser Therapy, and phototherapy involves the application of low power coherent light to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing and reduce pain.

Our pelvic floor specialist, at our Lennon location, Therapist Marjorie Frances Bautista can establish a personalized treatment program to address your symptoms.

In today’s noisy and hectic world, our bodies have become hyper-stimulated. As a result, multiple areas of the body

RockTape’s ability to mimic the elasticity of human skin makes it better than any other athletic tape. It can be used in a variety of of ways

Repetitive motion produces an inflammation process which, over time, results in chronic pain.
Introducing the exclusive Spring Stretching Technique, the sole proprietary of Hiten Dave PT/President of Back on Track Physical Therapy and Pleasanton Physical Therapy designed to

Complaints of dizziness or vertigo can oftentimes have a simple fix in as little as 1-4 visits. A visit to the dentist with a tipped