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RockTape’s ability to mimic the elasticity of human skin makes it better than any other athletic tape. It can be used in a variety of of ways on different parts of the body to achieve 2 known benefits:

  1. Mechanical Effect:

As the pressure on tissue and bone is reduced, more normal slide and glide mechanics between the layers of tissue is restored. This allows for more fluid movement and flexibility.

  1. Neurological Effect:

A majority of pain is generated by nerve endings in the space between skin and muscle. The tape helps decompress this space, creating less pressure to reduce or completely stop pain at it’s source.

When RockTape is applied on the skin, it can help interfere with painful signals that are directed to the brain.

To learn more, visit: https://www.rocktape.com/


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At our clinics we combine our expertise in movement and pain with our belief in compassion and respect.

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