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Vertigo is a sudden feeling of dizziness that gives you a sensation that you are spinning. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo also known as BPPV, is the most common cause of vertigo.

BPPV causes short episodes, typically lasting less than a minute of mild to extreme dizziness. This can be triggered by specific changes in the position of your head which are performed during simple everyday maneuvers. Examples include getting in and out of bed, bending over, quickly moving your head, and so on. If you experience dizziness or feel that the room is spinning, you may have BPPV. Other symptoms include losing your balance, vomiting, and nausea.

Inside our ears is a very tiny organ called the vestibular labyrinth. Together with otolith organs, these small and delicate structures monitor the movements of your head. When the otolith organs get out of place and move into your semicircular canals, you become sensitive to head movements which is why one feels dizzy.

“Vertigo is a condition characterized by episodes of severe dizziness triggered by specific movements of the head. It can last days, weeks, months or even years,” Bog Tan MSPT, an incredible Back On Track Physical therapist explains,  “An estimated forty million Americans will seek medical treatment at some point in their lives due to vertigo. Other symptoms of vertigo may include headaches, ringing in the ears, sweating, eye twitching, nausea, and vomiting. Treatment may be as simple as doing some exercises to improve posture and head alignment.”

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